Using online networks to develop your research career


29 May 2019, UNIL

Langue EN Workshop language is English

Graduate Campus


Maura Hannon


Research has a long tradition of being shared and developed through papers, meetings, conferences and conversations. Sharing research online is rapidly becoming part of the same process and is no different once you know how it is done.

Whether in an academic or a non-academic research career, when you share on the various platforms you integrate into your daily workflows, you create new possibilities for research, collaborative partnerships and career opportunities.

Learn in this workshop how to be as deliberate in creating online opportunities as you are in creating face-to-face interactions to improve your research. Through practical activities and discussion, you will identify your hub online platform and how to create online-sharing workflows around it.




Participants must have an active profile on at least one networking site such as Twitter, Linked-in, academia.edu or ResearchGate as well as knowledge of other online platforms of relevance to your research.

Target audience

This workshop is intended primarily for UNIL/CHUV postdocs. Doctoral candidates will find a similar offer through the CUSO Transversal and doctoral programmes.



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