Build a coherent professional profile online


29 March 2019, UNIL

Langue EN Workshop language is English

Graduate Campus


Maura Hannon


A coherent online profile on your professional networking site is the modern business card: it helps people identify who you are and what you are doing.
Curating a coherent profile online requires more than completing basic information and uploading a photo. Active profile management can expand your professional reach, help build a network, locate career opportunities and track research.

Through discussion and practical exercises, we will focus on upgrading your online profile to reflect your professional identity, learn how to customize features in common networking sites, use key words and explore tips to connect with people and groups you want to share with.




Participants must have an active profile on at least one professional networking site such as Linked-in, Viadeo or Xing. They should also have completed their reflection on the knowledge, skills and interests they want to highlight in their professional profile.

Target audience

This workshop is intended primarily for UNIL/CHUV postdocs. Doctoral candidates will find a similar offer through the CUSO Transversal and doctoral programmes.



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