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Academic English - Scientific Writing (for doctoral candidates)


24 October and 7 November 2018, UNIL


Langue EN Workshop language is English

Graduate Campus


William Doehler


Workshop description

Students will work towards the goals of clarity, economy and relevance in English academic writing. They will review the conventions used in scientific writing, including the structure of a paper or a presentation, and details of each part thereof. They will ask critical questions about their own and their peers' use of scientific English in submitted texts. The participants will begin to develop a toolbox of their own critical writing skills. These skills will be applicable to all academic publication formats from proposals to dissertations.

Workshop content

The course offers a hands-on training in scientific writing that is task-oriented: we will focus on practical issues such as how to begin the parts of a paper and how to revise drafts. Both linguistic and argumentative structures will be discussed. We will proceed by means of practical exercises (including formal exercises, text production assignments with oral presentations and peer critiques) and analysis of existing scientific papers and conference abstracts. Network building will be promoted.

Target Audience

This course is intended for doctoral candidates, already advanced in their work (3rd year and more) and post-doctoral researchers who wish to improve their English writing abilities specifically for the purpose of scientific publications or presentations.
Participants are required to have a good mastery of the English language (minimum B2), though common errors will be extensively covered. Course contents and course materials specifically target the needs of the humanities and the social sciences, although because of its fundamental nature it is directly applicable to the exact sciences.






9:00 - 16:45


Participants are required to send to the trainer, 4 weeks before the workshop, a scientific text (conference or publication proposal, short article or beginning of a publication) of about 4 pages. The trainer will review this text prior to the workshop. This work will be used for peer review periods during the workshop. The trainer will provide the powerpoint presentations to the participants for them to print out beforehand.



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