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Designing your life after UNIL


16, 23 and 30 June 2021


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Verity Elston


A workshop for anyone who feels a little stuck in how to think about what to do next after the doctorate or postdoc. Or for anyone who's feeling pretty sure of what they'd like to do, but would still like to build on their creativity and curiosity to feel their way forward, without too much commitment.

Over three half-days, we will use design thinking to help participants come up with and prototypes for their professional future. The "Designing Your Life" approach, developed by Bill Burnet and Dave Evans at Stanford University, will give you the tools to make decisions, learn more about your career options, and confidently leverage your network of connections at UNIL, CHUV and beyond to support you as you test out different plans for your future.

Participants will be asked to complete some preliminary reading/viewing ahead of the first day, and transfer work prior to the second and third days.

On the first day, we will review design thinking, its application to career thinking, and the importance of autonomy, mastery and purpose in what we do in our working lives. Over the next two meetings we will then consider how design thinking can be used to help re-think the blockages that hold us back, and to expand our ideas on developing a career with a PhD beyond the obvious options.

This will set the ground for giving and receiving support, for thinking about our personal and professional strengths, the activities that give us energy, and the wild ideas to help us think about what we might do. Participants will complete the workshop with concrete goals to test out for themselves.

We will use individual and group activities inspired by the design thinking process. Be ready to share, to support, and to think creatively!




Timing: 09:15 to 12:15 each day.

Participants are expected to attend fully for each of the three days.

This workshop is designed to follow on from the Career Café. If you have not yet attended a Career Café with the Graduate Campus, you will be asked on registration to explain when and how you have already received career-related counselling or training, whether in a group or individually.



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