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Your Professional Profile: TRIMA


1 and 5 March 2021


Langue EN Workshop language is English

Graduate Campus


Dr. Verity Elston, Head of Careers Advice for Doctoral and Postdoctoral Researchers


This workshop is designed to help researchers identify and develop their professional profile based on their experience in the academic environment and elsewhere. Through the use of the TRIMA psychometric questionnaire, we will:

  • Identify your goals, motivations, and behaviour patterns in a professional context
  • Help you to make choices for your next professional steps, by improving your self-understanding and self-confidence
  • Highlight the skills you have developed in the academic context and elsewhere, both in your professional profile and during the recruitment process
  • Identify opportunities to develop and strengthen your skills

The TRIMA analysis is highly recommended as a preparation for any career development activity or training that involves presenting your professional self: interviews, online profiles, application materials.



The reflection process is based on the results of a psychometric questionnaire (TRIMA), which describes participants' social styles (who am I? what are my preferences, my goals?) and skills (what am I capable of, what is my behaviour when conducting my professional duties? What transversal skills have I developed so far?).

The individual analysis and reflection is accompanied by exchange and reflection in pairs and in small groups.



At the completion of the workshop, you will:

  • Have identified your goals and preferences, and will have a base with which to reflect on future employment and career development opportunities
  • Have developed your profile of transversal skills and will be able to give value to them in both your application material as well as during a recruitment interview
  • Be able to provide evidence of your skills through concrete examples
  • Have identified what might be holding you back, as well as the opportunities for development

The workshop has a strong emphasis on peer exchange, through pairs or small groups. This means that while their individual reports will remain confidential, each participant needs to be open to sharing and exchanging on the basis of the results from the TRIMA questionnaire.

The analysis and reflection are based on self-evaluation and are put to the test through concrete examples taken from academic and non-academic contexts.


Requirements and language

Each participant will be required to complete the TRIMA psychometric questionnaire in advance of the workshop (details will be provided after registration), and to have documented their specific skills (disciplinary knowledge, technical skills, etc.).

Participants will need to have a good command of English, both written and oral. The questionnaire may be completed and results received in English or in French. The workshop will be conducted in English however, and will be based on the English version of the participant's TRIMA results.




9.30-16.30, online

Given the nature of the workshop content, participants will need to have a reliable audio and video connection in order to participate and share their experience. Further details will be provided closer to the date of the workshop.


This workshop is designed to follow on from the Career Café. If you have not yet attended a Career Café with the Graduate Campus, you will be asked on registration to explain when and how you have already received career-related counseling or training, whether in a group or individually.



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