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Project management for researchers


19 and 26 March 2021


Langue EN Workshop language is English

Graduate Campus


Dr. Sina Henrichs


Workshop description

The workshop will include 2 days. This workshop gives an overview on available PM software tools, only (you will not learn PM software in detail).


Workshop content


Day 1

Define and prepare 

• Understand what is a project, and what is not

• Learn what is project management in academia vs. industry

• Get an introduction into the project life-cycle 

Develop plans

• Make a work breakdown structure (WBS)

• Define dependencies and relations (network diagrams)

• Schedule and estimate project plan durations

• Do cost estimations


Day 2

Introduction to Agile Project Management

• Consider agile and iterative approaches

• SCRUM for researchers

Identify risks

• Consider changes, project crashing and common mistakes

• Develop a risk management plan

Execution of projects

• Make an Earned Value Analysis

• Monitoring of progress (cost baseline)

• Project communication 








Given current circumstances, this workshop will be provided online. It will begin on 20th November and the second day will be on 27th November. Breaks will be scheduled between the online sessions, combined with group- and homework. More detailed information about the workshop including instructions for the video conference platform will be provided a few days before the training.


Schedule: 9:15 - 16:30 (approx)

Target audience

This workshop is intended primarily for UNIL/CHUV postdocs.

Doctoral candidates will find a similar offer through the CUSO Transversal Programme. If you request registration for this workshop you will be placed on a waiting list. If a place is available in the weeks prior to the first meeting, we will contact you to confirm your participation .



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