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Negotiation: mindset and tools


15 - 16 March 2021


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Graduate Campus


Melissa Davies, graduate of the London School of Economics is an international consultant with broad experience in management (strategic and operational), particularly within the fields of organisational development, partnership brokering and fundraising, IT and project management.
Melissa is an independent professional negotiator with over 20 years experience of both negotiating agreements and training negotiation skills and conflict management (see www.negoservices.com for references). Customers include academia, scientific research institutes, the private sector (industry) and non-profit organisations.
As a 'solution-focused' coach, Melissa has a great motivation to accompany people and organisations in their professional and personal development.


Career transitions are full of challenges, and to be successful, require specific sets of skills.

Negotiation skills play an important role in any career transition effort. Whether you wish to stay in academia or whether you are aiming for a career outside academia (industry, freelance, NGOs…) negotiation skills will help you achieve your goals.

This 2-day, highly interactive and practical workshop will take you through the various negotiation steps, each with its specific mind-set. The negotiation process is broken down into manageable units, each being a separate technical module with its own tools and techniques.

This workshop will focus on the importance of preparation, which in turn leads to a higher level of confidence, as well as the importance of being skilled at communication (listening and questioning) techniques. The tools are practical and can be used both in personal and professional situations, although throughout the workshop a special emphasis on career negotiations will be made.

At the end of the seminar, the participants will:

  • Recognize the characteristics and consequences of various styles of interactions;
  • Understand how to build relationships based on interest and opportunity;
  • Get an overview and analysis of the entire negotiation process;
  • Acquire the objectivity and competence necessary to prepare and lead negotiations;
  • Know how to prepare in an efficient and detailed way: what they want, how to quantify their aim, how to break it down into negotiable units;
  • Master tools directly usable in daily life, whether they are called on to negotiate or not;
  • Learn how to use effective questioning techniques, how to listen actively and verbal / non-verbal communication;
  • Increase their negotiation capacities (hands-on practise) in a 'risk-free' environment;
  • Work on specific case studies linked with career transitions.





Participants are asked to be present the entire two days (for group dynamics, theory and case study reasons).


Two days, 15th and 16th June.

Duration: 9:00 17:00, 7 hours active. The workshop will take place online! Details will follow.

This workshop is organised in priority for postdocs.

Doctoral candidates will find a similar offer through the CUSO Transversal Programme. If you request registration for this workshop you will be placed on a waiting list. If a place is available in the weeks prior to the first meeting, we will contact you to confirm your participation .

This workshop is designed to follow on from the Career Café. If you have not yet attended a Career Café with the Graduate Campus, you will be asked on registration to explain when and how you have already received career-related counseling or training, whether in a group or individually.



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