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Career Café: Pathways, decisions, know the basics


1 July 2020


Langue EN Workshop language is English

Graduate Campus


Dr. Verity Elston, Head of Careers Advice for Doctoral and Postdoctoral Researchers


A quick introduction to the essentials of your career development, whether on the academic path or beyond it. The discussion will include regular topics on careers, followed by particular themes of interest.

  • career trajectories taken by PhDs after the thesis and after the postdoc;
  • preparing for the next steps of your career: the practical tools to develop, what to keep in mind, what to expect;
  • resources available to you as a UNIL/CHUV doctoral candidate or postdoc.

The Career Café is designed for all UNIL doctoral candidates and postdocs, no matter their research background or career goals. It is organised monthly, in French or English.

We strongly encourage you to take part in a Career Café before registering for any other Career modules or requesting individual career counselling with the Graduate Campus.

Confirmation of registration for any other Graduate Campus event in the careers module will be dependent on participation in a Career Café or upon presentation of an equivalent activity.




10:00-11:00 ONLINE

*This Career Café has been organised as an exceptional measure in order to facilitate participation in end-of-semester activities. Consequently, not all the topics will be covered in as much depth, nor will there be an opportunity for the supplementary subjects.



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