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Group Coaching: Making decisions in and for your career


11 March 2020


Langue EN Workshop language is English

Graduate Campus


Shawnmarie Mayrand-Chung (PhD Biochemistry & Immunology, patent lawyer, CEO & Senior Advisor of SPIP consulting)


Taking the Lead in Your Career Transition

Through four interactive sessions, this workshop will explore some of the key underpinnings of what drives individuals to struggle in taking the lead on managing their career development.

We will look at the factors that create conflict and raise difficulty in decision-making and implementation – for example limiting beliefs, risk aversion, and self-sabotage. This workshop will encourage you to explore your current career trajectory and challenge you to evaluate the effectiveness of decision-making capabilities while evaluating the opportunities for change.

The format will give you the opportunity to experience coaching techniques that you can apply in your own professional practice in supervision and leadership.

Decision-making strategies will be delivered in a group setting and while there will not be 1-on-1 coaching, instructor-led discussion and general coaching techniques will be shared in a group setting. Consequently, participants will be expected to commit to all four meetings of 3 hours each.






First of four sessions

The dates of the following three meetings will be confirmed with participants during the first session.

This workshop is designed to follow on from the Career Café. If you have not yet attended a Career Café with the Graduate Campus, you will be asked on registration to explain when and how you have already received career-related counseling or training, whether in a group or individually.



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