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Academic Career: Demands, Expectations and Preparation


2 December 2019


Langue EN Workshop language is English

Graduate Campus


Carine Carvalho Arruda and Dr. Verity Elston

Carine Carvalho Arruda, head of Equality office UNIL.

Verity Elston is head of career advice for the Graduate Campus for doctoral and postdoctoral researchers.


The aim of this workshop is to sensitize participants to the demands and expectations linked to pursuing an academic career. It presents the foundational elements of self-presentation that apply to hiring processes on the academic track, from applications to interview.

Based on discussion and intensive practical work, the programme will include presenting your research and motivations for the academic path, and preparing your CV. Participants will work together to develop their CVs and self-presentation.

Our discussion will cover the academic aims of a postdoctoral phase and what a hiring committee is looking for when filling a professorship position. Participants are encouraged to reflect about their personal profile and situation within the perspective of an academic career.




Preparatory Work

Participants will be required to read two preliminary articles on the academic recruiting process in advance of the workshop. Details will be provided prior to the date. Participants will also be asked to complete a preliminary questionnaire with three questions they have on the subjects covered in the workshop. The questionnaire should be submitted ten days prior to the workshop.

Practical Work and Follow-Up

Participants will be required to send a copy of their CV ahead of the workshop. This CV will be discussed in small group work in order to provide immediate feedback to the participant.

In order to develop their knowledge of the specificities in the hiring processes of their particular scientific discipline, participants will be strongly encouraged to follow on from the workshop by engaging in a discussion with their supervisor or a senior member of their scientific community. We will develop potential scripts for this process together, as preparation for that conversation.

Given the international nature of the subject matter, the language of the workshop is English. Questions may be asked in French.


Schedule: 13:00 to 17:00

Maximum 15 participants




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