The opening of a myGraduateCampus account for each participant will simplify the management of registrations and workshops. Your are asked to create a myGraduateCampus account with your UNIL or CHUV email address. Once your account is approved by our coordinator, you will be able to manage your own registration for workshops.

First, make sure you are logged in with your myGraduateCampus login. You have two ways to request registration for a workshop: (1) From the main Activities page, click on the registration icon on the far right column for the workshop you want to attend. (2) From the workshop’s description page, click on the "registration" link. You will receive an immediate receipt by email to say that your request has been received. We will process your request as quickly as possible and send you an email to confirm your registration or to let you know you are on the waiting list.

Yes! Waiting lists are always in operation for every workshop. If you let us know you’d like to attend (by requesting registration), we’ll be able to contact you if we have a cancellation. The waiting lists are also a great way for us to know the "real" demand for a workshop. If we have sufficient budget and the trainer is available, we will try to organise an additional date. In this case, anyone on the waiting list for the first date will have priority access for the second.

It depends on how many registered participants cancel, how long the waiting list is, and where you are on the list. You can check with us at any time to see where you are on the list (write to graduatecampus@unil.ch). As soon as we receive a cancellation, and if you name is next on the list, we will contact you. At any event, we strongly encourage you to pencil the date in your calendar: if we do manage to offer you a place, it would be a pity to have to turn it down for something that could otherwise have happened on another day...

The GraduateCampus is unable to award ECTS credits directly. Nevertheless, your faculty can review your participation in a Graduate Campus activity and decide whether and how to award credits. For all of the full-day Graduate Campus workshops, we provide certificates of attendance which indicate the number of contact hours. In addition, doctoral candidates and postdocs have access to a record of all activities on their myGraduateCampus account, along with the number of hours involved.

If the workshop is marked "complet/full", it means there is already a waiting list. If the number of participants indicated is less than the maximum, that means that we've had a cancellation and we're working through the waiting list to confirm the registration for the next available person. As it's first-come, first-served, your request will be processed in due order.

As a member of the Graduate Campus, you can use your myGraduateCampus account to request registration for any workshop. Make sure you’re logged in to myGraduateCampus first. You can then request registration for an activity directly by clicking on the "registration" link on the activity page.

The modules are there mainly to organize the offer. For the modules "Thesis from A to Z" and "Spice up your research", you have free choice of whatever workshop you would like to attend. For the module "Develop your career", you are strongly recommended to sign up for a Career Café first. It addresses the essentials, in whatever direction you intend to take - academic or not - covering the basics of career possibilities, identifying what you could do and what you’d be interested in doing. The "Essentials" series follows on from the Career Café to focus on particular topics: applications, networking, online profiles, interviews. We do of course ask that you read carefully the description for each workshop - some require previous knowledge or may not be exactly what you might have expected from a quick read of the title. Participants have been frustrated, but only because they were expecting something else!

No, there are no fees. In return, we ask that you play your part! Our activities are often over-subscribed, and for every participant who doesn’t show up as expected, someone else hasn’t had the opportunity to attend. Please make sure you block the day for the workshop, and if you see that you are no longer able to participate, let us know well in advance so we can cancel your registration and find someone else to take your place!