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Please send us an email at graduatecampus@unil.ch, stating the name of the workshop and its date (or reply to the reminder email). We will confirm the cancellation with you.

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The opening of a myGraduateCampus account for each participant will simplify the management of registrations and workshops. Your are asked to create a myGraduateCampus account with your UNIL or CHUV email address. Once your account is approved by our coordinator, you will be able to manage your own registration for workshops.

First, make sure you are logged in with your myGraduateCampus login. You have two ways to request registration for a workshop: (1) From the main Activities page, click on the registration icon on the far right column for the workshop you want to attend. (2) From the workshop’s description page, click on the "registration" link. You will receive an immediate receipt by email to say that your request has been received. We will process your request as quickly as possible and send you an email to confirm your registration or to let you know you are on the waiting list.

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Please write to us immediately at graduatecampus@unil.ch so that we can discuss the length of your absence with you and the trainer. In most cases, and for a full-day workshop, a short absence of half an hour or so will be accepted (although an absence at the very beginning of the workshop is very disruptive!). Given the very intensive - and often very interactive - nature of our workshops however, we normally ask that participants are there and fully present (not multitasking behind a laptop screen!) for the full period.

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