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  • Workshops are free for all doctoral candidates and postdocs registered at UNIL and CHUV.
  • Don’t hesitate to request registration for a workshop that’s already marked as full. Waiting lists operate for every date, and we do our best to give everyone the opportunity to participate.
  • For activities of more than one day's length, participants will be expected to commit to all the agreed dates.


   TAZ: The Thesis from A to Z   REC: Research   CAR: Career   COM: Community

Cat. Title Public cible Langue Places
TAZ Préparer sa soutenance de thèse doctorants FR 1580943600 6 février 2020 UNIL 9 / 9 login
CAR Café carrière: Trajectoires, décisions, connaître les bases doctorants et postdocs FR 1581462000 12 février 2020 UNIL 3 / 16 login
TAZ Getting your PhD off to a good start doctorants EN 1582671600 26 February 2020, CHUV CHUV 2 / 18 login
REC Publier à l'ère de l'Open Access doctorants et postdocs FR 1582758000 27 février 2020 UNIL 1 / 20 login
TAZ Bien démarrer sa thèse doctorants FR 1583362800 5 mars 2020 UNIL 1 / 18 login
CAR Career Café: Pathways, decisions, know the basics doctorants et postdocs EN 1583794800 10 March 2020 UNIL 2 / 16 login
CAR Group Coaching: Making decisions in and for your career doctorants et postdocs EN 1583881200 11 March 2020 UNIL 2 / 8 login
REC Gérer ses données de recherche doctorants et postdocs FR 1583967600 12 mars 2020 UNIL 1 / 15 login
REC L'Open Access en pratique : SERVAL doctorants et postdocs FR 1584399600 17 mars 2020 UNIL 1 / 20 login